Do You Need to Pay Tax on Foreign Employment Income?

You may love your home continent and are very proud to call yourself an Australian, but if you are relatively young and adventurous, then you know that there may be more opportunities away from these shores. More young people than ever are choosing to take up a job position in a foreign country, and this may be something that could have genuine appeal to you. After all, you may be able to earn a higher salary and explore a different culture at the same time, and what's not to like about that?

Simple Accounting Tips to Get Your Small Business on Track

You just decided to actualize your business idea and have set up a small company—congratulations on taking the first step towards entrepreneurship! Taking action to start a business requires a lot of courage and perseverance. However, as you know, enterprises need proper financial management to keep them in operation. Without adequate cash flow, most startups close their doors within the first year of inception. Of course, this is not what you want for your business, and that's why you should be on top of your accounting game at all times.